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29 May 2024



Hi Alex
I know about library classification
But I want to know
How all universities of the world
Divide entire known human knowledge

I mean they must be using classification schemes to divide departments of subjects
And design curriculum

If you can research of it
Ask some professors about it
And tell me
Please help me I really want to know about it



Abhishek, this is a good question, but there isn't an easy, quick answer. There is some scholarship surveying use of different classification systems across institutions, but that's not easy work to do, so there isn't as much of it as I'd like.

While scholars probably become familiar with "their" part of the library, I'd actually be surprised if academic faculty lean very heavily on library classification systems in curriculum planning. But that's a great example of how library data can be of wider benefit as we open up via linked data.


So is there no way to help me out

Can you please think
If you have any Source from which you can know about it

I really want to know

Please help me


I would recommend consulting with an academic librarian, perhaps one associated with a library and information science school.

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