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10 January 2024



I have a paper accepted by CCQ that describes my former library’s experience migrating to the optional arrangement in 2021. Happy to share a link when it’s out and discuss further anytime.


I have been cataloging for over 30 years and this is the first that I have heard of this alternative. I do use WebDewey and have never seen a suggestion to use a different number. Also, I am unable to find any reference to this change in WebDewey.


Joy: You can find information on the optional arrangement at the Manual note 220-290, which includes a link to the PDF for the full arrangement as mapped by Rebecca Green. We've also made that PDF freely available at https://tinyurl.com/optionalDDC220-290.


Alex, the tinyurl doesn't seem to work


The URL in this post works for me.



Thank you, Deb! Looks like that period was accidentally incorporated into the URL. So this one should also work:


Hello, I'm a cataloguer for a Regional Library Service in NSW, Australia. Currently, Aboriginal Australian religion is classified at 299.9215. I think this it's a good fit, but not ideal. I disagree with the phrase 'other ethnic origin' for First Nations people. I would adopt 239.915 Aboriginal Australian religions (https://www1.aiatsis.gov.au/subject/mtwfb7c-2.html?k=default&l=60&linkType=term&w=4558&n=1&s=5&t=2) from the 'Optional arrangement for the Bible and specific religions' if/when it replaces the current Christian centric schedule.

thanks :)

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