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06 May 2022



As a cataloging agency with 15+ catalogers, we have conducted a group session in regards to the questions above and have come back with the following responses.

1. Ideally we would like all areas of Webdewey to benefit from the addition of LCSH terms. But to start off with the most beneficial areas to have LSCH terms added to medical popular works and to animal species were the relative index only lists the scientific names. Often our team members have to search for the scientific names of certain animals species in order to determine if they are on the right track and by having the common names present if would make Dewey numbers a lot easier to find.

2. We would like to still retain both the relative index terms and LCSH terms, they can still closely align but it would be our preference for the relative index terms to contain more natural language, for example fish instead of fishes, and non American centric terms to account for the different spellings and meanings between British and American English.

3. A relevancy ranking would also be beneficial.

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