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17 April 2020


Danica Alexander

Question, where would culturally Deaf materials fit? What are the differences identified between the medical model of deafness and the cultural model, in Dewey? I appreciate any response and time on this subject.

Violet Fox

Hi Danica, thanks for your question. We don't distinguish between the cultural and medical models of deafness in Dewey (yet??), because it would be hard for classifiers to ascertain which model a particular resources is implementing unless the author specifically states it. You can find many cultural and social works by/about Deaf people at 305.9082 and 362.42, both of which would contain works that explore D/deafness from a sociological perspective, as opposed to numbers in the 610 hierarchy.

I'm happy for any thoughts you have for creating more clarity for classifiers; please get in touch at dewey@oclc.org if you'd like to continue the conversation!

Juli Beall

Sign language is an important aspect of Deaf culture. DDC has provisions for many sign languages at 419.4-419.9 Sign languages used primarily for communication among deaf people or between hearing and deaf people. American Sign Language is found at 419.7 ASL (Sign language).

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