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22 November 2019


Brieanna Chillious

Hello, there!

I Just want to say that I didn't even know that was even a blog that existed and was dedicated to creating magnificent call numbers using WebDewey, which is an amazing number building program! Ever since I've discovered the blog, I have been the posts going only so far back, up to the most recent post, which was on Nov. 22nd!

I wanted to contact this blog, not with a question, but with a very special request. Here's my story:

I plan to get a tattoo done, which will be of a call number (appropriate enough since I am a Librarian and think it'd be clever if my patrons could read me like a book, in a sense!), but I thought it would be even cooler if this particular call number would be created as my very own (it'll be a made up one, of course), which I plan to have it done on my back, specifically where my spine is (exactly like that on that spine of a book, which is typically where a call number is placed).

Essentially, I thought it would be very cool if I had a call number created and assigned to a book I wrote, just for fun. Ideally, I thought about the kind of DDC call number I would like assigned to a book I'd written would be an autobiography, specifically as a Librarian existing in present day America, written by me as the book's author (again, this is all fictitious, but for fun). My only issue with this is that I'm not a subscribed user to access and use WebDewey, which would have been perfect to use this awesome number building program to experiment in trying to create the perfect DDC call numbers for this purpose.

With all of this in mind, my special request to ask of the fantastical group members of this amazing blog, is this: with your help, would it be possible if the group would be able to create a call number on my behalf, for my tattoo idea? If this is possible, I would be heavily appreciative and indebted to this amazing, knowledgeable group (I am a member of a group on Facebook called Tattooed Librarians and asked the group members there, and with so much support from this group, they suggested I look elsewhere that could help me in fulfilling this special request using WebDewey, specifically).

If this is possible, I'm more than happy to provide the information needed to create a DDC call number for my tattoo, which is all right here:

Author: Chillious, Brieanna
*Fictitious* Title: You Think You Can Read Me So Well? My Life as a Bookish Librarian in 21st Century America
Publication Date: 1990 (The year I was born)
**If a cutter number could be created, using the first letter of my last name and a number behind it, not only would it make it even special, but I'd be filled with such elation!

If not possible, however, I thank you anyway for reading my *somewhat awkward* request, but also well meaning comment, as well.

Otherwise, I'm looking forward to seeing what the next post will be about!

Thank you so much, yet again!



Violet Fox

Hi Brieanna, sorry I didn't notice your comment earlier! I saw your post on the TCMMF Facebook group, you've got some great suggestions there, but we're happy to provide any further help if you'd like to email [email protected].

This summer we had a post where we featured a few people's Dewey-related tattoos: https://ddc.typepad.com/025431/2019/05/39165-your-dewey-tattoos-revealed.html . I hope your tattoo brings you a lot of joy!

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