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05 September 2019


Sharon Gamble

Hi, I'm thinking from the point of view of a  background in public libraries and wanting cataloguing skills to be more widely valued by online netflix type vendors who tend to curate rather than catalogue.

In cataloguing, to my mind the subject is most logically given preecedence to the format.  A podcast is about content.  It is not about software.  Of course it uses software to come into being.   For example a podcast on dogs would be given a dewey number for dogs, with extra built dewey numbers describing its format - podcast.  

Its about equivalents.  A podcast=a file=a book= an animation=internet entertainment=
video=CD=TV episode=multimedia=endless possibilities.  It's just a format. Formats are pretty equivalent but they are not the subject.

Traditionally a library would have a whole non fiction video collection (documentaries) with dewey numbers by subject.  Podcasts, which are frequently nonfiction, to be handled similarly, with relevant dewey numbers a priority.  Fiction in 800. 

IRL the podcasts could then either be "curated" (eg. just like shelving bays full of all videos), or they could be shelved with their original subject in mixed format (shelving bays with a mixture of books, videos, music etc..)

The danger in making a dewey number for podcasts only in 791 is that the users forget the other media available on SU:dogs.  I think the SU is the most important thing.  Then the ability to filter for books, podcasts, etc..is a choice of the borrower or the curator, or the library or

First (by dewey subject):

006 if it is about the technical software. 

079 if it's about media

370 if it is about Teaching Methods (but not podcasts that teach about a particular subject such as dogs)  370 is about how-to-teach.  It is about the skills of teaching.  Only podcasts about the topic of education should be in 370.

659 if its about advertising your podcast and growing your audience

791 is about artistic/analysis of the genre (but this isn't necessarily the product/item itself) 

800 is used for criticism and interpretation of the genre (but this isn't necessarily the product/item itself)

*note that particularly in a Public Library you will find separate display areas for documentaries and movies and fiction.  They've been curated from the 700's and 800's.

Secondly: I would suggest that in addition to a dewey  subject any podcast must always have - format as part of its built dewey number

Sharon Gamble

Sorry to be wordy. In a nutshell, the podcast would start with the same dewey number as the audio cassette, audio CD, etc.. with a table for format - podcast.

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