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21 February 2019



Searching table numbers has disappeared as well as the capability of searching with the prime in the number.


We've heard from a few users about the change to how Table numbers are searched, which was not intentional. If you were in the habit of searching without "T2" (etc.), you'll now see that searching 45 or --45 won't return T2--45, for example. You should still be able to find Table notation by specifying the Table, e.g., T2--45, T3B--2.

I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean by "searching with the prime in the number," however.

Next week, we intend to have a blog post explaining the new features included in this install, and I'll hope to have an update on this search functionality as well.


Thank you, Alex.

And no worries about my comment about the "prime". I figured out what I was doing wrong. By prime, I mean the segmentation mark, for example: searching 977.311 vs. 977.3/11. I think I was trying to search for a number where the prime was in a different location for the 22nd edition and it changed locations in the 23rd edition.

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