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11 January 2016


Andrew Gloe

I have another one with 12 digits that I'll share

570.976679075 - This is for Biology - Le Flare County, Oklahoma - Museum Activities and Services


Nice job, Andrew! Is 12 somehow a magic number for Dewey palindromes?

One small correction: the final 075 in your number isn't T1--075 Museum activities and services; it’s T1—093-099:075 Collecting objects. That is, you aren’t adding a standard subdivision to a standard subdivision (Introduction 8.9 “Do not add multiple standard subdivisions to the same number except when specifically instructed to do so”). Instead you are adding “special notation” from the add table under T1—093-099, where we find the entry 075 Collecting objects (“Class here collectibles, memorabilia, price trends for collectors”).

Thanks for sharing.

Tore Brattli

What about:
331.259 Training, worker security, regulation of worker conduct + T1--09 + T2--52133 Gumma prefecture (Gumma-ken)
332.1752 Deposits + T1--025 Directories of persons and organizations + T2--71233 Central region of Alberta

Ulrike Reiner

Tore Brattli: this is great! Now, we've to clear a big hurdle ...

Tore Brattli

OK, one last palindrome from me:
304.8 Movement of people
T2--7494 East central counties of New Jersey + 0
T2--494784 Bellinzona district (Bellinzona Distretto)
T1--03 Dictionaries, encyclopedias, concordances

Rebecca Green

Is everybody else enjoying this as much as I am? 13-, 15-, and 17-digit Dewey palindromes!

For the record, I have also had emailed to me two other 13-digit palindromes, another 15-digit palindrome (none of these three used Table 2 notation!), and another 17-digit palindrome (which used a German geographic expansion).

Thanks for raising the bar, Tore.

Tore Brattli

By chance searching Google, I came across several museums located in the central regions of Chile, that focus on the production in public libraries in the western parts of Russia. Unbelievable but true :-)
338 Production
338.4 Secondary industries and services
338.47001-338.47999 Subdivisions for products and services
027.4 *Public libraries + T2--472 Western area of Russia
T1--074 Museums, collections, exhibits + T2--833 Central regions (of Chile)

Rebecca Green

You can find the strangest things on the web! I'm just not sure you'll find them in any museum in central Chile. :-)

The count is now up to 18 (digits) and down to 2 (more days left) . . .

Tore Brattli

I could not resist this on even if labor-management bargaining and disputes can be serious, especially in libraries in Paraíba state devoted to local taxes…
331.89041 Labor-management bargaining and disputes in industries and occupations other than extractive, manufacturing, construction (add 001-999)
026 Libraries and archives devoted to specific subjects (add 001-999)
336.2014 Local taxes
T1--09 + T2--8133 Paraíba state


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