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07 November 2012



I am finding these posts explaining some of the rules very useful. Thank you - the extra examples and expanded explanations are very helpful.

Guy Aron

Actually I think that this phrase is ambiguous: "In this case we invoke the first-of-two rule—but only if the rule of application, which takes precedence over other rules, doesn’t apply. This rule instructs us to class such a work in the number coming first in the DDC schedules." In the second sentence, "this rule" must mean the first-of-two rule in order for the sentence to make sense. But there are two rules discussed in the preceding sentence: first-of-two and rule of application. So the phrase "this rule" could apply to either.


Thanks for the careful read, Guy. Yes, "this rule instructs us to class such a work in the number coming first in the DDC schedules" was meant to be a statement about the first-of-two rule.

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