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17 July 2012


Jonathan Bishop

As someone applying to be an MCLIP, I think it is important for Islamic law to have equal footing as other legal systems. However, I think this should be reflected as follows:
* General books on Islamic Law in a non-religious context, like the one edited by Simon Abram should categorised against other generalist books on the law of England and Wales, Welsh Law, French Law, etc.
* General books on Islamic Law from a religious point of view should be on a level footing with Canon Law.
* Specific books should be in the equivalent categories. For instance, books on Islamic human rights should be alongside Human Rights books, and books on Islamic criminal law among criminal law books, contract law among contract law books, etc.

Anything other than the above would be giving precedence to non-Islamic legal systems, which goes against our multi-cultural as opposed to a secular/Christian society.

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