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07 November 2011


Janet Harmon

Ever since this enhancement was installed there seems to be a bug with browse searching. You can browse once sucessfully but the next time pressing return does not work nor does mousing on the "Quick Browse" button. Ironically if you press "Page down" the search will work. Any ideas?

Janet Harmon
Columbus Metropolitan Library
Columbus, Ohio


Just a random question here. I run a book club for teens, and we wanted to know why the dewey decimal system does not use the 040. We have researched, and asked a few university librarians, but they direct us to you. Why is this number un assigned?

Giles Martin

040 was used until the 16th Edition (1958) for "General collected essays". In Edition 17 (1965) 040 was relocated to 080 (General collections and anthologies), presumably because materials classed in 040 and 080 were too similar, and it was hard to distinguish. Since then there's been no major topic that would need to fit into the "general" topics in 001-099, except for computer science, which fitted better into 004-006, and I suspect that there never will be a topic that fits well between general encyclopedias at 030 and general periodicals at 050.

(Please note that I'm speaking personally here, not for the Dewey Editorial Team.)

Joanne Doucet

I'm having trouble with the "Add to" component in the Notes section within the schedules. In the last version of WebDewey, the range of numbers in the Notes section was a link that you could click on, be put into the range, and then take the numbers you needed to append to your Dewey number. In this version of WebDewey the range is no longer a link and I can't figure out how to get to that range of numbers. For example, under the base number, 387.2, there is a number range, 387.21 - 387.29, representing Specific Types of Ships. I click on this range and then in the Notes section see the following direction: Add to...the numbers following...in 623.821-623.829. But this range is not a link. How do I get to this range of numbers in this version of WebDewey?

Giles Martin

Joanne Doucet, the easiest thing to do is to search on the Dewey number at the top of the number range that you are using for number building. In this case, search on 623.82, and WebDewey displays the hierarchy below that number. To find a specific topic, you'll need to explore under 623.821 Ancient and medieval craft, and 623.822-623.829 Modern craft (the latter being a number range with another range -- 623.823-623.828 Power-driven craft -- subordinate to it.

Another possibility is to search for a specific topic as a keyword search, or in the Relative Index, trying to find that topic in the range you are interested in. For example, you could look for "fishing boats" as a keyword search, and you'll find 632.8282 in the right range, so you can use that for number building.

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