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23 February 2010


Jean-Sébastien Girard

What would one do with works specifically interested with a given country's performances or relations to the Olympics? Would 796.98093–796.98099 be appropriate then?


The numbers 796.98093–796.98099 can be used freely except for specific games, e.g., Winter Olympics in Europe 796.98094. Works that focus on a country’s relations with the International Olympic Committee with respect to trying to get the Winter Olympics held in the country—if not limited to a specific game—or works about a long-term drive to build up a strong national Winter Olympics team—can be classed in 796.98093–796.98099. Works that focus on a country’s performance in the Winter Olympics, however, may focus on the athletes as individuals, and that leads to use of T1—0922 Collected persons treatment. In the preference table at the start of Table 1, T1—092 Persons comes before T1—093–099. The scope note and class-here note at T1—092 have hierarchical force and thus apply to T1—0922 Collected persons treatment:

“Biography, autobiography, description and critical appraisal of work . . . .
“Class here treatment of individuals”

Notation from Table 2 can be added to T1—0922 express the country, e.g., Austrian Winter Olympics athletes 796.980922436.

virus classification

what is:Also at 796.98 Winter Olympic games is the scatter note: “Class a specific activity with the activity, e.g., skating 796.91.” Examples are Olympic Ice Skating, classed in 796.91 Ice skating; Olympic Figure Skating: Greatest Performances in History, classed in 796.912 Figure skating; and Snowboard, classed in 796.939 Snowboarding???? this annoying!!!!!!

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