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29 December 2009


Softwood Timber Merchants

It will be interesting to see how well these rules and regs are stuck to!

plans for backyard greenhouse

I really do hope that there will be a nice result with all these rules and regulations.

Steve Hanna

If company "A" learns of a GHG Hot Spot in its supply chain, say manufacturer "X" of widgits -company "A" is purchasing substantial widgits from company "X" whose attributable production equals 80 tons of C02 emissions annually.

But company "A" finds company "Y" who produces the same quaility widgits (and pricing) that only takes company "Y" 1 ton of C02 emissions per year to produce.

If company "A" dumps company "X" for company "Y" it is indeed a good steward to the earth but does company "A" receive any credit (offset or anything) for mitigating C02 emissions within its supply chain via Scope 3 indirect emissions?

In other words, are their any incentives/credits for companies who lean out their supply chains? After all, company "A" is mitigating 79 tons of C02 emissions from enetering the atmosphere by switching to company "Y" product over the energy-intensive company "X" product. Can any of the savings be attributable to company "A"s footprint?
August 14, 2010 7:08 AM

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