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15 September 2009


Suzie DeGrasse

I jusy subscribed to this blog and I think it's fascinating! I'm working on an independent study on cataloging: what does T1 (and T2, etc.) stand for?

Ismay Adar

T1 stands for Table 1 in the Dewey Decimal Classifictaion book.

T2 stands for Table 2.

Ismay Adar

Oops, I misspelled classification. I must remember to never post comments while working. :)

Anne Robertson

A very enlightening post Rebecca. Who would have thought a comment about how you chose to spend your holidays (in whatever sense) could lead to such an interesting mini-article? Well, perhaps someone who knows you would.
More power to you're elbow, especially when it leads to such useful and ntertainly written snippets of classification enlightenment.

Contemporary Artist Anna Meenaghan

Just came across your article and just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed reading it. Especially the parts where you seem to almost disect the explanation to "holidays".

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