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03 July 2008


Russ Venlos

The NMRA (National Model Railroad Association) has a classification system for model railroad publications.
Most of this can be found at:
(you will need to sign up for a free account)
The NMRA has it's own library. More information my be found at:

For my personal library, I use 625.19 and then place the NMRA number behind that. IE
625.19 Model railroading
625.191 Craftsmen and their Railroads
625.1917 Dioramas and Modules
625.19171 Dioramas
625.191714 HO Scale Dioramas

Chris. T

I think its awesome to hangout with others who also enjoy model railroading, it has simple been a joy of mine since childhood.

Chris. T

This is a great way to encourage and grow the pastime of Model Railroading. I have learned so much about this hobby and seeing the enjoyment that it brings around the world. I started out as a child with just a Lionel train set, however I see there is a wide variety of model trains, scales, niches and sub niches.

Thanks for the pictures.

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