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17 July 2008


Maria Clarkson

I would like suggestions as to how to organize a Jazz music library....Thanks for any help.


For that matter, how about DVD video collections. There's one with over 300 titles in it that desperately needs organization.

Chicago Computer Training

I don't think I'll ever fully understand computational linguistics. Thanks for the post anyway.

Computer Shop Finder

This is a very interesting post. It helps us understand as to how computational linguistics work. We learned a lot from you.

Dewey Dirks

I believe this whole discussion over complicates the issue. Calling it one thing or the other is rather arbitrary. What's in a name? For the sake of convenience I would class both under 006.35. In this way once both linguists and computer scientists become accustomed to the convention, both disciplines can find the wealth of information available in both fields in one place since both linguists and computer scientists might have a mutual in interest information from each field of study and both fields of study are related to one another. Generally speaking, simpler classification schemes are better.

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