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13 March 2008


David Williams

The article is quite impressive. Its true that Allergies can affect different systems of the body. One should be very careful in taking medicines. Its better that they consult their doctor.


The rise in allergies could be caused ironically by our world becoming more sanitized. Childrens immune systems no longer get a chance to develop. This evidence is supported by the fact that children in urban areas are having a increase in allergies while children in rural areas are not seeing the same increase.


A. Jakobsson

Preservatives and Additives Can Affect Allergies

When preparing a meal to cook it, there are ingredients that will need to be blended together to give this meal a good taste. Some of the ingredients added like vegetables or fruit that is dry or juices will enhance the flavor to the food. But, some of these additives and preservatives are not good for those who have allergies with them.

If there is an allergy with the preservatives and additives in foods, the body will let you know in several ways. Each person is different and may react in other ways. But the most common signs of allergies with preservatives and additives is nausea, itchy skin with hives maybe some diarrhea or throwing up.

Learning what the body is saying is very important. So, if any of these symptoms develop after eating foods with preservatives or additives, take a close evaluation of the ingredients and remove what is affecting your body.

Jeffrey - Natural Allergy Relief Guru

"The rise in allergies could be caused ironically by our world becoming more sanitized."

I totally agree, we try so hard to protect our children from cures but ar ewe really protecting them, or just setting up for failure in the future. You can also find some of my advice on my blog at naturalallergyrelief.blogspot.com

Lisa Rein

Very impressed by what I have read so far. A friend of mone was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis years ago and has been suffering horribly to the point she could not use her hands in the morning from such pain. She went on a diet a few months back and removed bread from her diet and like a miracle she has been COMPLETELY pain free!! I in turn have been diagnosed with lupus and I'm starting to realize so many other people I know have been diagnosed with a like auto-immune disorder. I started wondering if these people (myself included) could be suffering from an undiagnosed food allergy. Needless to say, I will be taking myself to the allergy dr. to be tested ASAP! Thanks for your website info, it could be a lifesaver!!


A very interesting article on how we have become over sanitzed.

Personally I believe that our youngsters of today spend to much time indoors due to us having been turned into over protective parents.
OK, there are many good reasons why we do this in todays world but it is well worth taking a look at things we may be doing wrong.

When we were young and played out in the dirt we built up our own imunities and yes we may have deen ill for a few days. This is the natural way we have evolved and although we can still be protective parents, get the children outdoors again playing in the dirt.

ENT doctor

This is a very nice article about allergies. I agree that autoimmune diseases can affect different systems of the body. Visiting an ENT doctor will help a lot.


jim dakis

yes I remember the days sitting in Dr Coxs office for hours undergoing allergy testing I had the best medical care there was and still I had problems all my hair fell out alopecia certain foods made me ill and still I had problems there is a genetic link right now Im using probitotics and white button mush rooms so far Im doing well I see hair on my face that I havent seen in 46 years must be doing somthing right! any questions please contact have a great day!

Processed foods

Always consult a doctor for more advise what to do, in which not to eat. Always check the label of the processed foods to guarantee that your not allergic with the ingredients added on it.

respiratory system

I started wondering if these people (myself included) could be suffering from an undiagnosed food allergy

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