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04 February 2008



Good collection of slow cookers are available at Crock Pot store.....!


I remember my mother using a slow cooker almost every night when I was growing up...my personal favorite was her beef and barley stew. It's so nice that these recipes are coming back nowadays; they're a real timesaver for those busy families out there. And there are just so many options, you can't go wrong! I hunted around for the best slow cookers, especially for meat dishes, and finally found one I was happy with (West Bend) just a few weeks ago. I'm sure I'm not the only one trying to relive childhood memories with these slow cookers. If any other sentimental people like me out there want to know where to start looking, here's the website I used. Mmmm, I'm going to make some of that beef and barley soup tomorrow. Hopefully it turns out just like Mom's!

Linda Lanning

I am looking for a better slow cooker, any suggestions? Thanks, Linda

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