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11 February 2008


Cyndee Haydon

Thank you for that reminder - coming from a family of people who have suffered from heart attacks at 45 I've got to send more time focused on this.


Your's are true facts....

Alexis Kenne

Doctors now know that heart disease is so deadly for women that their chances of dying from it are one in two. That means basically that either you or your best girlfriend is likely to die of a heart attack, stroke , or related heart problem. Doctors have traditionally used a one-size-fits-all approach to identifying and diagnosing heart disease. In this view, women often lack the “classic” signs of reduced blood flow to part of the heart, a condition known as ischemia. Doctors and patients often attribute chest pains in women to noncardiac causes, leading to misinterpretation of their condition. Men usually experience crushing chest pain during a heart attack.


It is important that women realize the statistics of heart disease and affected women. Women have their own risk factors that increase their chances of developing heart disease.

Wholesale costume jewelry fan

Thank you for articles like this. Much too many women neglect their health their entire lives and concentrate on raising a family and attending to everyone else. The statistics are scary and women need to be aware before it's too late.


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Heart Disease

Great post. Very informative and helpful for women who really wont care their health.

bariatric surgery

Pretty great information to know.Interesting study, but I’m curious about the medication aspect of the various groups. Could the variations in the outcomes have more to do with pharmaceutical therapy as opposed to the group dynamic?

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