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09 January 2008


Rit Premnath

I have been following the discussion surrounding the classification of "Transgendered People" (June 15, 2007) and was interested in finding out how the Dewey editors begin creating and changing categories. Is this a response to the volume of books being written on the subject or comments and feedback from librarians and library users? Part of the interest is an echo of the comment dated June 16 2007, which asks if there needs to be existing literature before a category is created.

Is there any information available that plots this process especially in regard to the re-categorization of the "Transgendered and Intersex People" category?


I would have to say that transgender and intersex are two totally separate and different things. You can't say that intersex and transgender are the same thing. Transgender is more of a psychiatric and feeling based condition and intersex is more genetic and DNA based medical condition. Both of which have nothing in common with each other and are totally different from each other.

Joan Mitchell

In the original June 2007 proposal, transgenderism and intersexuality were treated as overlapping concepts. Based on comments we received from users and further research, we have decided that transgenderism and intersexuality should not be treated as overlapping concepts. Our new proposal includes separate provisions for these concepts and the related groups of people. In the revised proposal, intersex people at T1—0867 and intersexuality / intersex people at 306.768 are said to be in “standing room” http://www.oclc.org/support/documentation/glossary/dewey/#StandingRoom . When the literature devoted exclusively to intersexuality / intersex people reaches our threshold for the creation of a new class (see “literary warrant” at http://www.oclc.org/support/documentation/glossary/dewey/#LiteraryWarrant ), we will provide a specific number under T1—0867 for intersex people and under 306.768 for intersexuality / intersex people.

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