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10 January 2008


Bob Wenten

I'm a civilian, not a library professional. I'm looking for an appropriately symbolic and meaningful Dewey number to put on a cemetery footstone for my Mother, a career librarian who loved most of all teaching children how to find books that they would enjoy and learn from in a public library. The headstone will contain the usual biographical dates, so the footstone is the place for a Dewey number. No explanation will go with it. Just the number. Any suggestions?

Giles Martin

The Dewey number for public libraries is 027.4


Also for consideration: The Dewey number for children's librarianship is 027.625.

Building Materials

The Dewey system is a brilliant way for organising a library. We use the system in Kent County Council in the UK and once implemented it is very easy to use. I don't think that there is a better way.


what number we can give for children bring up in third culture


Is there any possibility for getting classification clarification


Hi all!
i want to telly my own classified books with any source on of DDC online classification to make me correct in the field of classification any one who knows about website or a URL for the said purpose so kindly reply please.

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