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18 December 2007



My in-world t-shirts use 006.8. See


(but I'm not a cataloger) :-)


MMORPG business is amazing, and it will grow too. The sky is the limit. The problem is that most games, like wow, prohibit real world trading. It ain't stopping nobody though.


We have two books about Second life that LC has classed in 794.8, and a third that UKM has classed in 794.8, c2008 (1) and c2007 (2).

Our copy catalogers will follow DLC.

Is an update coming out to specify Second LIfe as 793.9?


We decided to class Second Life at 006.8 because the patrons looking for information on it were not the typical gamers from 793.93. This was discussed between catalogers and the computer and sports selectors.

Mark (online football game) Smith

This game http://footballsuperstars.com is very similar to second life. The main difference is that you can also play virtual football games.

Ultimate Game Card

The mmorpg business is boosting man, it's becoming more and more popular. I've heard the news buzzing about Second Life quite a bit, even though most of what Second Life has done has already been done in the Sims.

Game Card

First time I heard about Second Life, I was really excited to see how technology could improve relationships virtually between people. But, as I research more about it, it didn't sound like this at all.

However, still I think the idea is great, but I'm not sure of the effects that this game has on a person's real life though.

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