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22 December 2007



wanted to join in refresher course of DDC


I have an advanced deploma in library science but now I like to develop the method of classifing library materials with out any difficalties.even if it is possible I would like to get materials that can help me for theaching.thank you for giving me this chance.

hitendra patel

I have finished master of library and information science in India and now I live in sydney. I've not practice in ddc Now I forget how to make ddc number I would like to get a job in library so i like to get materials that can help me for teaching.thank you for giving me the chance.

martin cj

i would like to join your ddc refresher course

Devendra Singh

I have completed Master degree in library and information science from Rajasthan but due to not practice of ddc i have forgot about it. so I want to get materials that can help me in classification and I want some guidence from You about it.Thanks

Mukhtiar Ali

I have got master degree in library science and now i work as a library officer at khyber Medical Peshawar Pakistan.Now i want to do some refresh course of dewey classification and i also want to get some tool for the classification.
Thanking Regards


I like DDC system, but I need more information to modify it for Kurdish library, also I need more information on webdewey.

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