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24 September 2007


Shamun Mahmud

There is a plethora of good information on this blog. The quality of good stuff on mortgages was exceptional. Wonderful links let you delve as deeply as you desire, to REALLY learn about mortgages!

ray nwam

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Mortgage Refinancing

Thanks for the tip on the book: "Introduction to mortgage lending". It will be helpful.


Way Nwam, who is the author of that book? I mean "Introduction to mortgage lending"?


The Dewey Decimal system in lieu of tagging and categories. Very Slicks!

Michael Peter

thanks so much for this great post :-)

Bad Credit Mortgage

One of the bad things about this current crisis is that people that actually need the loans are now suffering the most.

Foreclosure Loans

Yes that is a great book!


Thank you very much for this - I was trying to figure out where to place a link in the UK 'Bubl' index - which is a web directory organized by Dewey Decimal reference - a fairly unique service. I had no idea where to place a link to an article about mortgages though, but I found this article which made it very clear indeed.

332.722 is it! Cheers!

- Charles

Florida Realtor

This is a great post loaded with info for both the consumer and the businessman (woman). Thanks so much! I will be checking back for more useful information from you and your links!

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