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05 September 2007




My husband just set up our own birdhouse camera in the backyard. He put it the wooden bird house on a metal pole close to a big ornamental cherry tree by our sundeck.

The little wrens checked it out a few days later and have now started building their nest. They are using our pampas grass tassels as building material. Now whenever I look out the window and see them, I turn on the TV and can watch the activity inside the birdhouse too.

I can't wait to see baby birds! I think this would be very educational for families with young children.

The Hawk Eye . . . it turns your birdhouse and backyard into an entertainment center.

The Hawk Eye night vision, color camera with sound comes already mounted inside the wooden birdhouse. (suitable for most small birds; blue birds, chickadees, wrens etc.) Just plug it into your TV and enjoy viewing wildlife from your favorite easy chair.

Watch your backyard birds:

building their nest
laying eggs
eggs hatching
hungry babies being fed
The bird house is hinged on the side for easy clean out for the next family. Instructions are provided. You can also buy the camera separately and use it outside around hummingbird feeders, birdbaths, etc.

Check out this video of baby birds taken with the new Hawk Eye Cam:


vertigo symptoms

Is the US National Parks Pass valid at State Parks as well?
I'm planning a 2 week camping road trip to the western United States where we plan on staying at a good number of National and State Parks. We're thinking of purchasing the America The Beautiful - National Parks And Federal Recreational Lands Pass. Does anyone know if this will be honored at State Parks as well or only the National ones?

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