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11 June 2007


Deek Buy Jewelry Online owner

Amazing article, very revealing about the dating process, imagine being able to sell that kind of ancient Jewelry on your Shopping Mall, I,ll keep dreaming! cheers


How much probably the price if the shell beads is sell to the public, does it cost about thousand of dollars?


Wery good article.



I cannot believe the shell jewelry was 82,000 years old. It really puts alot into perspective! It's actually amazing that for so many years the human race has been adorning itself with fashion jewelry! And shell jewelry is actually not that expensive even now.I bought some only recently at http://jewelrymeetsfashion.com/fashionnecklacesandsets-c-1157.html and everyone has been saying what unique costume jewelry it is. I guess it goes to show that even man from 82,000 years ago had good taste in jewelry!

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