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15 March 2007


J Pody




Thanks for this post. It made my evening. (See above URL for documentation.:))


Oops. I meant the URL w/name. :)


I love this time of year - March Madness. It seems like everyone, from co-workers to grandma is in an office pool. Beside the standard bracket pool for the Men's NCAA Tournament, I found a supplement last year...

There's a real fun alternative that takes little time to play. There's a public game and you can create private office pools for the Men's tourney, the Women's tourney and the NIT. It seems super simple with little to do but it's harder than it seems. Check it out:

Men's NCAA:

Women's NCAA:

Men's NIT:


March Madness is in our hands!!!
I hope its useful to all NCAA FANS
March Madness is a popular term for season-ending basketball tournaments played in March, especially those conducted by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and various state high school associations. March Madness is also a registered trademark... The trademark has sparked a pair of high-profile courtroom battles in recent years.
Go through the below link...

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