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27 February 2007


Shyam Varan Nath

Check out the Medical Tourism related conference in Sep 2007, at Atlantic City, New Jersey:




Check out great Medical Tourism articles. Great overview by country.

Raphael Encaoua

extremly interesting point: medical tourism is hence understood as medical travel, the tourism part is as usual totally undermined by the medical word. However, this is due to a bad definition or perhaps a bad wording within medical tourism as one can hardly figure out what tourism implies


Medical Tourism is an almost tangible backlash to our current high priced, impersonal, profit driven health care system in the US. It is no wonder that the average consumer, having little or no health care, would seek out the experienced hands of foreign doctors. As a result a booming medical tourism industry has sprung up with companies like PlanetHospital and Global Medical Services providing MUCH NEEDED competition to domestic health care providers. Perhaps this is just what the US health care system needs to get back on track. However, Medical Tourism... the term itself is vague at best. While one might tour a locale while abroad for surgery, tourism itself is not the main goal of the activity. I prefer the term Medical Outsourcing.

geography information source

this is so good. thanks for the great information.

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