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26 January 2007



Hi Guys,

This seems to be as good a place as any (on Australia Day). Ive been trying to make dewey visible in cyberspace for 5 years now.

We're starting to get down the track with a company - educationau.edu.au - owned by our eight ministers, to use the dewey code to give the ICT hubs of national and global working groups (in the edu domains) a fixed place in cyberspace. E.g If I was looking for the dewey group in australia, it could be found at www.025.431.edu.au, and so could their peers in their own domains, say www.025.431.edu in the US. (only need six numbers)

The main change in perspective is that their libraries would be brought to their comms hubs, and you can get an idea of what i mean by registering and going through that edna groups' link above.

I was going to ask you for a number for these guys - http://www.sitepoint.com/ - but I'll run with www.776.600.edu.au as a place for their teachers/students in the Aussie education area, unless you can suggest something more precise.

We're getting to the point where if OCLC are interested in developing an entirely different application for the DDC, then someone should pop into edna and say a few words. We're quite tame. regards

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