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17 October 2006


Dodie Gaudet

I'm so pleased to hear about two different topics in your post. The first is about making Dewey training materials available. I teach cataloging workshops to staff of very small public and school libraries. Most of them have no formal library training. Being able to use these training materials in my classes and also to be have something to which to point people so they can learn more on their own would be great.

The second item I'm pleased about is to have DDC numbers in subject authority records. As a contract cataloger for many years, I found having the LCC numbers in authority records very helpful. Not every library uses LCC. Just as LCs bib records have both DDC and LCC, authority records would be even more useful with the addition of DCC numbers. Thanks so much for considering that.

Marisa James

Having Dewey training materials available online would be completely fabulous. Please keep us updated!

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