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27 October 2006


simon fenton -jones

I don't know if you EVER consider the DDC's applications from the other end of the web's convergence = communications. But that concept I've tried to introduce into OCLC over the past five years is still sitting there, waiting for an innovative mind to tweak.

I've almost given up hope someone in there might realize just how big this opportunity, so I'll try once more. ENUM http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_Numbering
It maps a phone's telephone number (and other comms devices) to a web address.

Most talk, and applications, around ENUM at the moment are still about using it to connect phones without using the PSTN. However, it could be used, with the DDC to create a new kind of global IP infrastructure.
'Infrastructure ENUM' is the reference. It didn't have a name last time I emailed you.

It could do for


Dear Guys,

The use of the DDC for creating a global comms infrastructure is becoming a little clearer now. The main thing which is becoming apparent is that a number of senior engineers in NREN (National Research and education Networks) have the intuition that "Maybe we’re reaching a limit on the data centre
model, and in looking for alternatives for the
Internet, it’s here that peer to peer (P2P) models look very attractive."

Can you tell me though; how do you start a conversation with a global interest group who don't have a (fixed) place where they, as a group, regularly communicate with their outside worlds (i.e between their client/server domains), above the radar, in different languages?

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