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08 September 2006


M. D. Vaden of Oregon

With assistance, have narrowed down the location of Hyperion to less than a mile. Happened to find a tree with a trunk size to qualify as the 2nd largest coast redwood last week while scoping Hyperion's "Fog Valley". Also, just learned the location of Stratosphere Giant within about 1000 feet. Hope to get photos of that one next time. Am looking for Hyperion as part of a small team effort, where several folks supply clues, and the first one there guides the rest of the team.


Am adding images of trees as I find them

M. D. Vaden of Oregon


The team effort plan changed, as many of the clues did not pan-out.

So no more one person in, with the rest of the team following.

But I did find Hyperion after all in the real Fog Valley.

Photo and some basic info added to that same redwood page:


Just a small image to start, but the albums have a decent size pano pic from the understory side.



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