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04 August 2006



So would a periodical on childhood obesity have the same number, or would there be an extra 0?


The number 618.9239805 Preventive measures for childhood obesity is built from 618.92 Pediatrics plus 398 from 616.398 Obesity plus 05 Preventive measures from the add table under 616.1-616.9 Specific diseases. The same add table under 616.1-616.9 has the line:

003-006 Standard subdivisions

That line indicates that an extra zero is needed if standard subdivision notation 05 Serial publications from Table 1 is added to 618.92398. Hence the number for a periodical on childhood obesity is 618.92398005 Serials on childhood obesity, not 618.9239805 Preventive measures for childhood obesity.

Fred Landis

If you want to understand the exact factors causing the epidemic of child obesity,look at a suburb of Rio de Janeiro,that in 4 years went from an ideal of health to obesity being the norm

FRed Landis

Imagine that you could perform the following experiment:take the top 20 factors suspected by experts in the field as being causative of the epidemic of child obesity,and introduce each of these toxic agents into a previously healthy society.This actually happened,in a suburb of Rio de Janeiro.
This was not intended as science,but as a giant social engineering project.About 1995 some Rio businessmen decided the entire surplus of BRazil was being wasted by Brazilian families constantly visiting Orlando,Fl.Their solution was to import all the Orlando attractions into an undeveloped section of Rio called Barra.The whole package:theme parks,water parks,American fast food chains,American satellite TV,American SUV dealerships,Wal-Mart,etc.
This mulibillion dollar project could only be done in stages,so it is possible to study the separate effect of each change separated by about 6 months.
All of Rio's beaches are under constant video coverage by the hotels,the condos,and the police.It is possible to document on a daily basis how the girl of Ipanema went from a symbol of health to obese.

Fred Landis

Creating a Brazilian version of Orlando in Rio was a cultural and medical Chernobyl.Exactly what French intellectuals would be the result of a Paris Disneyland.In France nothing happened.Why were the FRench immune and Brazil not?
The first American import was fast food chains (there are McDonalds in Brazil that do more volume than any in the world-except for China).Very little effect from 1995 to 1998.Theme parks.No change.
The bomb was the introduction in the late 90'ies of 70 channels of tabloid satellite TV.They outdid each other in scaring children and parents with a constant barrage of crime stories diguised as news.Really violent,sordid,morbid helicopter coverage of police in favelas,kinappings,rape.
Prior to tabloid TV Cariocas,especially kids,spent the whole day at the beach.They ate 3 meals of wholesome food at home as a family.
Now parents would have to be crazy to allow their kids to go to the beach or anywhere.The white middle class of Ipanema and Barra became prisoners in their new high rise condos.
At the same time the tabloid TV channels interruped crime news only to engage in a direct marketing campaign of junk food-with home delivery!
First you scare kids,then you sell them confort food.Is this accidental,or is there a symbiotic economic relationship here?
The simple reality is there are no obese children in France or most of Europe.In France there are no 70 channels of tabloid TV nor is it legal to have commercials pushing junk food on kids.The French still eat 3 meals a day as a family.


Not so sure what all the numbers are about, but do know that child obesity is a real problem with our children. Check out all the factors and determine what the root cause is. Genetics? Eating junk food? Parents contributing to the anxiety factor? Peers? So many factors. Talk to your health professional. Find out what the root contributors are. Then begin a therapy treatment. But don't let this problem get out of control with your children.

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not too sure of those funny numbers too. But we just have to get the kids to stop surfing on the net, and with the play consoles.

Get them outdoors, and play soccer, or just walk.

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all these numbering, sounds like genetic coding. Get kids to walk and start teaching them on the benefits of healthy eating. They're our future.

The Weight Loss Guru

Childhood obesity is a sad reality that we are facing, the only cure to this problem is by educating people, in this case parents, in proper health and weight loss. It is a sad fact that so many people have so little knowledge on how to take care of themselves.

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A healthy vegetarian diet mainly comprises of plant based foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts etc. because person relies on just the non meat foods therefore, a vegetarian diet has less fat and cholesterol. Such diet has a lot of fiber content.

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