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17 May 2006



We recently relocated all the works in our collection on Wicca into 299.94 after complaints had been made that it was not being treated as a "real" religion when such works were classified in the 133s rather than the 200s. We have had compliments on this and, so far, no complaints.

Also, in order to help provide better subject access for these materials, we locally use the subject heading "Witchcraft -- Religious aspects", even though the subfield isn't authorized for use under this LCSH. But, it helps practitioners of Wicca find works pertaining to their religious beliefs within all the other works relating to witchcraft (historical, legendary, etc.) in our catalog.


wow; fascinating discussing.

Evil Eye

This is fascinating. Most people think of Wicca as all witchcraft and superstition, but in fact it is a rich religious tradition with a lot of history behind it.


I looked up Thea Sabin's "Wicca for Beginners" in Worldcat, and then checked listings of the book in my local library systems (Brooklyn Public and New York Public). It ISN'T in the 299s. It's in the 133s.

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