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23 March 2006



i'm reading the blog! please keep going.....I wonder about classing the comics etc in Dewey at all. Why not approach them as any illustrated story (picture book) in fiction?

Giles Martin

OK, I'll claim my muffin. Just hang on to it until my next visit to Washington.


I beg to differ with you...One person said they read the blog! Me! Seriously, the group was wonderful at the breakfast. I know I learned quite a bit.

No Chaser

I love this blog and read regularly. It's also on my blogroll. I should probably subscribe to the feed.


I was at the breakfast and didn't know about the blog until now-- but now you've got one more reader!

dean ashton

I'm just upset that you get muffins.


I'm reading the blog too! A word on graphic novels--we put graphic novels for kids in the juvenile non-fiction section under 741.5, with the cutter being the first word of the title, or, if it's a series featuring a main character, the first word of the character. We did that because patrons were used to graphic novels being there. When we added more graphic novels (including Strangers in Paradise), meant for teens or adults, we put them in their respective fiction collections, with the call number being "Graphic" then the first word of title and graphic. So Strangers in Paradise would look like this:
I found that this improves the browsability (is this a word?) of the collection. I'd be interested to hear how other people address this issue. So interested, in fact, I'd be willing to offer breakfast tacos to those who respond.

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