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15 February 2006


Schietti's Engine

@ il Progetto H.A.A.R.P abbia come scopo il cambiamento del polo magnetico e dell'asse di rotazione terrestre ...

e di conseguenza lo scioglimento degli immensi ghiacciai dell'Antardide...

Non-Violent Autonomous Spontaneous Committees: now!

The incredible dealys in the production of Schietti’s Engine to produce energy for free and in the distribution of Schietti’s Serpentine to produce drinkable water for free, the unbelievable attacks against Domenico Schietti, the promoter of 2010: Poverty Elimination, the smartest and least harmful person of the world, a leader of non violence, tolerance, justice, surely a pillar of human history are, according to us, evidence that there’s something wrong.

We’ve tried and considered all the possibilities to face the problem and sort it out. We’ve found some but we don’t exclude others.

1) Mankind is being carried by an external agent, another living genre, a species that is our enemy and that manages to control the neuralgic points of power, science and communications. It may be seen both as kind of VISITORS who look like humans without actually being so and like a mental being able to control many people’s minds and governing them, confusing them and making them become enemies to one another.

2) An elite of people afraid of losing their privileged position, who have access to all the main economic resources and who have organised the chimerical NOVUS ORDO SAECULORUM on a global scale in order to repress the mass thru ignorance and use them at their taste.

3) The use of toxic or harmful objects or substances (TVs, mobile phones, drugs…), some wrong habits (excessive sex, wrong nutrition, a little physical activity...), the lack of rivals in the fight for survival, factual and ideological schools far from reality... have all reduced the physical and intellectual skills of human beings who are not fit for ecosystem any longer and who cannot decide for themselves any more. 6 billions of FUNCTIONAL ILLITERATE PEOPLE carried by ideologies.

4) Overpopulation and the lack of vital space have triggered a dog-eat-dog fight which is taking us to self-destruction. The so called "SYNDROME OF EASTER ISLAND", which is known in case of disgrace like, for instance, the panic which causes people to push against and kill one another in order to find a way out.

5) Human beings overrate themselves and, in fact, apart from some a few people who, maybe because of different genes, have better skills, most of individuals are less smart than any SILLY MONKEY or living species. Mankind is thus a scarcely clever species which has been given the luck to have prehensile hands which have given them the chance to develop themselves by making tools. Unfortunately, they have not lot their other predominant features such us violence, the first effect of stupidity.

6) Some SECTS with an evolutionist-ideological-scientific nature, enemies of mankind (scientist- engineers, biotechnological Neonazis, transhumanists…) have much more power that it might naively appear. Competition, hatred and revenge against God, nature and ourselves.

7) Experiments unknown to us have led to the certainty that human being is devoted to violence and destruction. Therefore some groups (Humans? GAIA? A coalition of humans and other living species?) are trying to hinder development to avoid the destruction of the universe, trying to control and limit the phenomenon to the Planet Earth

8)Human beings, like ducklings, suffer from IMPRINTING and they easily fall prey of trends, fanaticisms, collective hallucinations and misbelieves of any kind. Globalisation has triggered a kind of global imprinting which is affecting everyone everywhere and has taking us off road towards self-destruction.

We think that in any case we need to sign a cease-fire in all conflicts and to make mankind fight against the common enemy, whatever it may be.

If this is not possible any longer since we have lost control over our species, some basic resistance groups should be formed. Non-Violent Autonomous Spontaneous Committees, from every centralised structure, with their own basic libraries with all the main knowledge (keeping in mind that much of the knowledge has been cooked by the enemies of mankind and, therefore, it needs testing again).

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