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23 February 2006



Sooners and Knickerbockers, off the top of my head.

Giles Martin

I used to live in the larger Newcastle (T2--9442) -- the one that is perhaps the busiest coal port in the world, and to and from which millions of tons of coals are carried each year. Coal (553.24) is no longer mined there, but in places inland, but it's named after Newcastle upon Tyne because coal was about the first thing that Europeans saw when they arrived, because the coal seams come to the surface there at the northern edge of the Sydney Basin. The local name for inhabitants of that city is Novocastrians.

Kate Thompson

Inhabitants of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (T2--71622) are referred to as Haligonians.


How about the Yoopers from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan?

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