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05 January 2006



Power Users!

How 'bout if the "Reference Desk" just becomes the "Huh?" station. There can be some computer terminals with links to amazon.com instead of a catalog. No, wait, maybe just cut to the chase and have a gift shop instead. Those moldy, dusty, space-wasting things...patrons... wait, no, the books, should just recycled into Starbucks(TM)cups.

Next: "simplifying" and "stripping" the population.

Who needs "arts and culture" when you can have "health & fitness?".
But seriously folks:

"At Carnegie, a user who uses the OPAC once knows that she’ll be able to translate her search to the library’s physical space for any inquiry."

How's she going to do that if everything but "automotive" and "technology" have been dumped?

Does EVERYTHING on earth now need to follow a retail model? What's most disturbing about that article is the complete lack of critical insight into these modest proposals.

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