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20 January 2006


Dodie Gaudet

The title of Darwin's book is _On the origin of species ..._

The bib record I located in my online network is for the 1963 Heritage Press edition. Interestingly, the Dewey # provided by LC is 575.0162 (not 576) so 0162 likely comes from an earlier (ca. 1963?) edition of the Dewey schedules.

Giles Martin

The given number 576.80162 is not a valid number in any edition of Dewey. However, 575.0162 (the number Dodie Gaudet found) was used up to Edition 20 (published 1989) for Darwinian theories of evolution. In Edition 21 (published 1996) that topic was moved to 576.82. So the number 576.80162 seems to be a smushing together of the old and new numbers for Darwinism: it's conceivable that it's been used in a real library, but it's a local variation of Dewey, or an error.

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