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21 November 2005


Eric Childress

Great post as always!

BTW, here are the OpenWorldCat links for 3 of the 4 Richard Wilbur books you've mentioned (you already linked from the fourth):
Poems, 1943-1956


Beautiful changes and other poems

Giulia Visintin

But what's the use (or, say, the ratio) of classing a single work with the "floruit's period", when at the former step (class by language) one must choose the language in which the work has been originally written, even if that language isn't the one in which the author was usually writing.
I mean: if at the step 'class by language' the class is focused on the single work (language of *that* work, not language preferred by the author), why at the next step - 'class by period' - the "floruit's period" must prevail onto the specific single work period?

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