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08 November 2005


Joel Hahn

I recently made a children's librarian's day here by photocopying the DDC20 maps. (Thankfully, we still have one copy each of several previous eds.)

She plans to use the maps as a way to teach children how to use the DDC, in particular, as a "hook" for our collection of folk & fairy tales, but also for the history/civilization/geography books. (What kid isn't enthralled with maps?)

The maps also make it easy to find the Table 2 number for a country if you know where it is on a map but not where it falls in the DDC hierarchy (such as countries that have numbers that are subordinate to other countries, those countries/states lumped together in divisions -49, -59, -69, etc.)

However, those DDC20 maps are now woefully out of date (especially since, while I could've sworn we used to have a revised map of the former Soviet Union with the new numbers after it broke up, I can't find one now), so I'd LOVE to see up to date maps made available!

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