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25 August 2005


matt b.

I really do wish bookstores would use the dewey system. It's horribly difficult to find things now, as it is.


I'll go the opposite way, and wish that nobody used the dewey system. It makes less and less sense as time goes by... but then again, us foolish humans are well known for sticking to ineffective solutions simply because we're either 1) determined to prove them correct or 2) too lazy to do something different.

Craig Steffen

Actually, this is an interesting point.

The University of Illinois still uses Dewey Decimal. By the time it became not the favored system of large libraries, there were so many millions of volumes that they decided not to change.

It may have something to do with I think one of the founders was a student of Dewey's.


When I was in grade school, I was asked, "Who was AdmiraL Dewey?"

"He invented the Dewey Decimal System."

My librarian mother thought it was funny.


It looks like you've been indexed now so that's a google-whack!

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