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30 August 2005



Coffee is our friend. It picks us up at the airport when nobody is answering their phone. It helps us carry the big stuff when we move. It helps us drive when we probably shouldn't be driving. Coffee is our friend. ;)

Nick Wedig

Why is coffee under 641.3 Food, not 641.2 Beverages? It's a beverage


Finally a justification for my caffine addiction. And I can tell everyone it keeps me going on and on and on and on... Longer than the energizer rabbit.

hysteria conceptions

Coffee makes me crazy. haha.

Mary Rogers

Celcius, you refer to coffee as a beverage we make from coffee beans. Consider it a plant. Agriculture. Food. So, ice cream, candy, beverages are all food options for the bean. Sometimes, in dark chocolate especially, we consume the un-beveraged bean, or bean bits. Yum.

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