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15 July 2005


Giles Martin

The longest sequence of 9's that you can have in a Dewey number is the built number 745.6199999 (that's five 9's). It means calligraphy in artificial languages, so you might use it if anyone ever wrote a book on Elvish calligraphy.

Giles Martin

And in case it's not obvious, my last post related to "Repetition, repetition, repetition", not the thread that it's attached to. Is there any way to move posts to the right thread?

Chew Chiat Naun

Quidditch would, of course, be shelved right next to cricket (796.358). Which raises the question: with an Ashes series reaching its climax, and an Australian and an Englishman among the Dewey editors, is it time that Test cricket got its own Dewey number?

Giles Martin

Test cricket falls into 796.35865, International cricket. So the question would be, does it "approximate the whole"? If it does, than you would just need a class-here note there.

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