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29 June 2005


Steven S

Greetings. I am not a professional cataloger by any stretch of the imagination. Frankly, I normally run away from tough cataloging questions and defer to LC. But, I have to admit, running a small church library every time I see the single or double apostrophe I stop at the number. Granted I'm getting a large ~248.5 and ~248.8 section if I remember correctly, but basically I just leave off the detail of the extra digits. Someday, if the library gets large, more than 2,000 volumes and a large ~248.5 section I might consider adding in the extra decimals. one maybe two digits beyond the right of decimal in th2 ~248 is my limit unless it is geographic specific, I'm cutting the number down. But by and large, less is more when it comes to a small library. Why confuse the patrons with unnecessary digits in such a small collection?


Hmm what's with those words? Hmm i just wondering..=D anyways thanks for the link!

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