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May 07, 2018


Ann Ryan

Have you considered making it explicit where imaginary fantasy games (e.g. Quidditch) should be classed?
The heading certainly makes it seem as though they should be classed in the new number 794.9. After all, Quidditch is certainly a fantasy sport. But your description of the fantasy sports covered (e.g.Baseball) and the method of deriving numbers from existing (real) sports, makes this less of a good fit.
It's not a good fit under 793.93 either - as it's not an adventure game (or derived from a computer game).
Works on 'real life' Quidditch (it's been adapted into a real sport/game - without the flying on broomsticks element) would be classed at 796.2 - but I wouldn't have thought this would be a correct for the fantasy game.

Alex Kyrios

Quidditch is a sport from fantasy, but not a "fantasy sport" in the usual sense of that phrase. Most works on Quidditch in WorldCat are either classed with Harry Potter books or movies (e.g., Quidditch Through the Ages), or appropriately at 793.93 (e.g., Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup). There are very few works on "Muggle" Quidditch. I suspect works on it belong in standing room at 796.32, as it involves an "inflated ball thrown or hit by hand." Quidditch did come up in our discussions of this change, so we'll keep an eye on 794.9 to see if the new class draws such works.

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