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December 29, 2010


Ellen Marchessault

I have only just now discovered this blog, and how timely! I recently "expanded" the 746.46 number in our collection, since we had almost four full shelves of books, all with 746.46041. Being a quilter myself, I knew what subdivision would be useful to our quilting community: patterns, specific techniques, specific blocks, and specific types of quilts all have unique numbers now in our library.

Jan Godown Annino

I much enjoy these posts & I'm not a librarian.
Today I visited because I'm writing for children, the scene is set in a library & I needed an expert Dewey Decimal assist. This the Dewey blog provided. Many thanks.

And idea For a future patchwork post, there are excellent titles on Seminole Indian patchwork.

many thanks
Jan Godown Annino
author, SHE SANG PROMISE: The Story of Betty Mae Jumper, Seminole Tribal Leader

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