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May 15, 2006



great site, I learn a lot about nanotechnologie

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I was wondering when we were going to overhaul the dewey decimal system.. With the advances in technology it is about time.. Thje tags system seems like a great start..


nice blog... i really don't have idea of tag system but its very interesting quotes...

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Oh man, I remember the dewey decimal system..it was during my early years in life. It really needs to be overhauled now.

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i study the system recently in my course. Thank god i see this blog to have some info.

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Very interesting blog. Can't say i really knew much about it before, but keep it up!

Terry (thecar finder) Bolton

great post,

number systems like dewey are made to implement independante and unique way to identify stuff.

but langual ways like tags will have other problems than the landuage differances

if you have seen the internet lately most tags are sometimes mixed between objects and cant be specific.

if Kevin Kelly is so happy about tags maybe we can change his social security number with his nick name


thanks ........

Nic (accredited online degrees master) Haffner

more on the last comment

number systems has proven to be sucessful around ages in identification like he following.

1- we write dates in numbers (we dont name centuries and years)

2- historical events are only identified in sequence because of using numbers

3- world wide web uses numbers in the background (IP adresses) for example yahoo.com is not an object its just an alias for a set of ip number for servers

thanks alot

Gary from Think-Creditcards.com

interesting point though nic!

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There is a correction:

Correction: May 14, 2006

An article on Page 42 of The Times Magazine today about the future of book publishing misstates the number and type of libraries in China from which a Chinese company, Superstar, has made digital copies of books. It is 200 libraries of all kinds, not 900 university libraries.

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